cropSeq bioinformatics actively participates in current research. Publications listed below are from our company, our team members, or from joint projects with customers, or collaborators. The publications can be read/downloaded at the linked sites.

Peer-reviewed articles

  • Prusicki MA, Keizer EM, van Rosmalen RP, Komaki S, Seifert F, Müller K, Wijnker E, Fleck C, Schnittger A (2019) Live cell imaging of meiosis in Arabidopsis thaliana. eLIFE 2019;8:e42834
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  • Schrag TA, Westhues M, Schipprack W, Seifert F, Thiemann A, Scholten S, Melchinger AE (2018) Beyond genomic prediction: combining different types of omics data can improve prediction of hybrid performance in maize. Genetics 208(4):1373-1385
  • Seifert F, Thiemann A, Grant-Downton R, Edelmann S, Rybka D, Schrag TA, Frisch M, Dickinson HG, Melchinger AE, Scholten S (2018) Parental expression variation of small RNAs is negatively correlated with grain yield heterosis in a maize breeding population. Frontiers in Plant Science 9:13
  • Westhues M, Schrag TA, Heuer C, Thaller G, Utz HF, Schipprack W, Thiemann A, Seifert F, Ehret A, Schlereth A, Stitt M, Nikoloski Z, Willmitzer L, Schön CC, Scholten S, Melchinger AE (2017) Omics-based hybrid prediction in maize, Theoretical and Applied Genetics 130(9):1927-1939
  • Zenke-Philippi C, Frisch M, Thiemann A, Seifert F, Schrag TA, Melchinger AE, Scholten S, Herzog E (2017) Transcriptome-based prediction of hybrid performance with unbalanced data from a maize breeding programme. Plant Breeding 136:331-337
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  • Thiemann A, Fu J, Seifert F, Grant-Downton RT, Schrag TA, Pospisil H, Frisch M, Melchinger AE, Scholten S (2014) Genome-wide meta-analysis of maize heterosis reveals the potential role of additive gene expression at pericentromeric loci. BMC Plant Biology 14:88
  • Seifert F, Thiemann A, Pospisil H, Scholten S (2012) Re-annotation of the maize oligonucleotide array. Maydica 52:49-55


  • Scholten S, Thiemann A, Seifert F, Frisch M, Melchinger A (2013) Vorhersage von Hybridmerkmalen. DE102013111980B3

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