Transcriptome studies enable to analyze transcripts expressed in an organism, specific tissue or cell type, as well as at developmental timepoints or different stimuli like abiotic/biotic stress etc.
Besides the coding transcripts (RNA-seq) non-coding RNAs (sRNA-seq) such as microRNAs (miRNA) can be analyzed.

The analysis of transcriptomes via RNA-seq facilitates the:

  • identification of expressed genes
  • quantification of gene expression levels
  • differential expression analysis between genotypes, physiological conditions or developmental stages
  • SNP identification and characterization
  • identification of splice variants
  • gene identification
  • construction of regulatory networks

Since a multitude of transcriptome sequencing approaches have been developed, this list is not exhaustive. Please contact us to for an initial consultation, we are looking forward hearing from you and discussing your research needs.

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